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Bathroom utilities are constantly evolving to be one of the luxuries in our houses. People in this day and age are keener to pay attention into the design and detail of these bathrooms and accessorize the space to jazz it up. Careful planning and intelligent use of your material specifications is utterly important in the process of designing a bathroom. Our bathrooms are categorized into three zones including dry, semi-wet and wet zones. A thorough understanding of materials used for each is necessary with their possible ways of segregation. In the present-day times, glass is used as a partition to separate the two zones. However, did you ever wonder about the design approach towards your wet zones – the shower area? How to choose the right design? What should be the possible typologies and specifications for your glass? This is definitely the right place for you. Educate yourself with some extravagant glass design examples to give your shower area a new face.

  • Clear Glass Shower Doors

This is a transparent option for bathrooms that are comparatively smaller in size. Due to their texture-less appearance, your bathroom will seem to be bigger in size with more flexibility in the flow of light. This glass has a slight greenish tint, therefore should be used if you have a decorative tile or a pattern in your shower zone that you may want to highlight. Easy to maintain, this glass is one of the most notable option.

  • Opaque and Frosted Glass Doors

If privacy is your concern, why not try the frosted glass? This textured glass is etched on one end and sandblasted on the other to prevent the light entering to your shower space. You could try a few different styles of etches which complements the theme of your bathroom to add a little drama to your space. This glass option is highly recommended for bathrooms that are comparatively bigger in size to make them cozier and welcoming. It holds an advantage over the clear glass in terms of cleanability. Smudges and finger marks are highly prominent in clear glass whereas cleaning with soap on your frosted glass could result in scums that are difficult to extract. Hence, careful observation to choose the most appropriate glass is foremost.

  • Low Iron Glass

As the name suggests, it accounts for lesser iron content, and thus much clearer perspective than your clear glass. Due to lesser greener tint, it offers HD view and accounts for more openness and airiness. Your bright tiles in the shower area will outshine and give a stunning look to your bathroom.

  • Tinted Glass

Available in various shades, tinted glass allows you to see through the glass but will reduce the amount of light passing through. Though, it is highly dependent on the design style of your bathroom, light to dark shades will offer a wide array of options to style your bathroom that will steal all your guests’ eyes.

  • Rain Glass

Inspired by the patterns of rain droplets and suited to larger bathrooms, this glass is a decorative piece to be used in your bathrooms. It is easier to maintain and can be applied in multiple ways on a single side of the glass.

  • Patterned Glass

These are designer options as it provides you with certain patterns imprinted on your glass. Similar to frosted glass, they require a little maintenance and avoidance of soap cleaning should be kept in mind. From abstract shapes to sleek, straight lines or patterns of flowers, this design choice lays solely up to you. Though it is always recommended to opt for timeless designs that will never go out of style.


It is important to understand the differences in glass frames with juxtaposition in design of your bathroom. Frame or no frame, the selection of glass does not vary much unless its textured or patterned. The thickness of your glass door is going to vary if used with a frame or not. Contrasting or matching hardwares are another design option to be kept in mind while choosing the perfect glass for your bathroom. Let’s have a peek at the two types of widely used frames to shape your shower rooms.

  • Framed Glass

It complements a more traditional style with an aluminium or a required metal border around the glass. The door type for this shower space could be swinging or sliding, however, sliding is highly recommended as the frames keep the glass on track. Considering the typology, this glass is comparatively lesser expensive and provides long-lasting effects. If you have space concerns, try using a sliding glass as they require lesser space and makes your bathroom look brighter and bigger. When opting for framed glass, keep in mind your bathroom décor and hardware finishes.

  • Frameless Glass

Inspired by modern style, this glass design is well suited for bathrooms and homes that adopt strict ultra-modern elements. They are favourable for smaller bathrooms as frameless doors provides room to your space and makes the user feel light and airy. This glass is comparatively 10-15% expensive than the traditional, framed doors. The glass thickness has to vary in this particular style as there is no frame supporting it, thus thicker and clear or no-iron glass is the most suitable option. If you follow Scandinavian or a minimalist design style, frameless glass doors would be the ideal choice.

Most of the frameless glass doors use 3/8” for a typical heighted door, whereas more than that requires ½” thick glass. A typical height is considered to be around 7’ but your shower glass could reach up to the bottom of the ceiling for an ultra-modern look. Depending on the patterned or textured glass, you could jazz up your partition doors with creating horizontal or vertical lines. A standard framed shower glass is either constructed with 3/16” or ¼” thick glass. This is comparatively thinner than frameless glass doors and do require a frame to support its strength and functioning. Do you fancy the shower glass door holders and how they work? Now that you have finalized your glass type, height, and thickness, let’s find out about some interesting designs for your glass door cutouts.

  • Glass Holes

Customized and drilled with potential multifunctional uses – towel rods, hooks, and handles. Minimalistic and contemporary in style, this is one of the most common techniques used in the residences.

  • Mitered Glass

High quality and known for strength, this option where glass pieces are cut at 45 degrees to form a 100% tight and steam-proof resistance. It provides superior quality to the glass.

Choosing a perfect shower glass door could be daunting and equally challenging, but with our expertise, we could help you find the best option. We believe in transparency with our clients in understanding what they are looking for and truly providing them with a vision to solve their problems and find the most suitable shower glass option to make their bathrooms stand out.

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